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@therebelleyears replied to your post: i think im gonna draw some of my close…

I would love to volunteer !��

i think im gonna draw some of my closest friends on tumblr/ crushes/ mutuals 


Oliviero Toscani

Yamamoto Naoki

Anonymous said: You look beautiful

and high af that selfie is so bad why am i doing this 2 myself 

i put on makeup to look like trash and stay @ home bye

people who wear two different colours of eyeliner one on top of the other are brave people


Tigroid iris with a number of dark-brown nevi.

Anonymous said: So last night my brother and his friend went on about how suicidal people are whiny and emo bitches, and of course I fought back. So my mom ended up being really mad at me, along with my sister. My brother apologized last night. Should I forgive him?

Only if he honestly accepts that he was wrong. He needs to understand what he said was wrong and hurt your feelings. Forgiveness shouldn’t be a burden to you then. X