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A sixteen year old girl is dead


Because she had the audacity to refuse an invitation to prom. Maren Sanchez is dead, murdered by a sixteen year old classmate who flew into a rage when Sanchez declined to be his date.

Maren Sanchez is dead, and multiple media outlets have the goddamn audacity to call this a “dispute” over…

my parents said i started eating more than usual and they don’t like that?? and yeah i know that because ive been on their watch this entire week and im nervous and stressed out i know i ate the entire meal that i was served but what i also know is that i can’t stop thinking about throwing it all up and i am so scared ill go home and weight myself and the scale will show i’ve gained so much i don’t want this i hate this


"I don’t give a damn what men find attractive. It’s unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same"
Pulp Fiction, 1994


Shi BuffaloThe Reunion 23.4” x 33.1”

Native Alaskan Girls Blowing Bubbles, Ralph Crane (photo originally printed in Life Magazine)

Beauty for Novembre Magazine

my chemistry teacher once told a boy in my class that she was going to hang him by his balls on the ceiling

Anonymous said: Since you're awake I'll send you an anon as well, you're very gorgeous, and I believe you're a genuine human. For the most part it would be rad to hangout! go for a walk and enjoy nature for what it Is :). Maybe even sit back and watch a movie. who cares! as long as we get to engage in doing something! Wish I was somewhat noticeable, I'm kind of a no one in the tumblr universe.

awww^^ dont you worry bout that though, im a nobody here too :) thank you for the sweet message ~^-^~

Anonymous said: Why did you even like spring breakers? its so cheap n stupid??

I’ve explained it before and its obvious you didn’t get the movie at all???


gisele bündchen in "girl next door" for v #52 march/april 2008 by alasdair mclellan.


I’m so tired of ariana grande tbh

she is annoying as fuck

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Anonymous said: how is that a good movie ?

tbh i find the symbolysm, religious aspects in the movie absolutely fascinating -they fit in so well with the story line and it feel so natural while watching. And of course probably the main theme of the entire movie - the utopia that is impossible to achieve and the 21st century hedonism. It’s like watching a dream like utopia turning into a distopia in a matter of minutes by the help of religious details (the serpent). The whole movie becomes a anti-hedonism monument.

okay let’s just say it’s not a party movie for kids